Electrical works

Electric wiring of modern car has become so extensive and volume that it can be bravely compared with the blood-vascular and nervous systems in the human body.The importance and complexity of the system, you can visually assess listed below photos:



Modern cars are often equipped with more than 50 electronic control units and modules ( ECU ). A failure of any electronic control unit is always a significant problem, because of the complexity of the repair and of the high cost of a new ECU. Difficulty the repair is associated primarily with the miniature size of electronic components and very dense layout, currently an electronics engineer skills comparable to the skill of the neurosurgeon. To understand our words help listed below photos:



Not every car service center ready to take such a difficult problem as repair of electronic control units. Our specialists will carry out the repair of electronic units in appropriate cases or they will help you to buy the necessary ECU (used or new), program and encode it.

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